Paving Slabs & Stones

At CED Wirral Depot we’re confident that we’ve cemented our reputation as specialists in providing top quality garden paving slabs and decorative stones to suit any outdoor living area. That’s why we stock such an extensive range in a number of colours, styles and patterns to help you get the perfect look.

You will find best-selling products, such as our natural black slate paving tiles, and natural stone block paving - both ideal for creating driveways and paths through your garden. Our handy paving kits make creating decorative patterns and designs for patios and feature walkways easy and completely stress-free. Our patio paving range includes star, circle, koi and sun shaped features, meaning you can get creative with how you want to use paving to style your garden.

We also stock many heavy duty paving slabs, natural stone, slate and mosaic styles at CED Wirral Depot. So shop today for all your block, concrete and natural paving requirements.

At CED Wirral Depot we’ve become specialists in paving slabs and decorative paving stones for gardens, driveways and landscaping. We sell a wide range of paving stones in colours and patterns to suit any garden – why not shop our high quality natural black slate paving tiles, or finish your driveway with our natural stone block paving.

We also sell paving kits, these are handy sets that allow you to create decorative paving patterns and designs which are perfect for patios and feature walkways. We also stock plenty of Indian stone patterns, which make excellent decorative centrepieces in landscaped gardens.

We sell the necessary paving slabs for walkways, but you can also find paving stones suitable for curved or circular features at CED Wirral Depot; including paving circles in 4m, 1.5m and 7.29m squared sizes, so you can find the right paving feature if your garden is small or large.

Our patio paving range includes star, koi and sun shaped features and beautiful designs using Indian sandstone. We stock many colours of Indian sandstone, but you can also find heavy duty paving slabs, natural stone, slate and mosaic paving at CED Wirral Depot.