Edging Stones and Walling

One of the simplest and easiest ways to give your outdoor space an instant new look is to use patio edging or garden walling.

You can use garden edging stones or timber sleepers for a variety of purposes, but generally they help section up your garden, so that it always looks neat, tidy and manicured. We source the highest quality materials so whether you’re looking for timber, concrete, or natural edging, your garden will quickly become the envy of the neighbours.

At CED Wirral Depot you will find an excellent range of stone lawn edging, which is used to tidy up and neaten the edges of lawns, leaving a professional and formal appearance. Edging stones for lawns can also be used to line the edges of patios where paving stones meet the lawn. Stone garden edging can be extremely decorative or quite simple in design, meaning you can pick the perfect stone edging for your tastes. Why not consider using lawn edging stones in your allotment or vegetable garden too? These decorative edging stones are a great way of separating different plants and making your plot look extremely neat and tidy.

Our stone garden edging will help you create a masterpiece with your garden; they will help you make vegetable patches, raised bedding areas, sweeping stone paths and pretty patios. Our lawn edging stones all look beautiful too; natural textures and patterns will blend seamlessly into your garden to create a relaxing and effortless environment; they look fantastic surrounding water features, bedding areas or even shrubbery, plus they help keep your paths free of garden debris, so your outdoor area always looks neat and tidy. We stock both wooden and stone lawn edging, so you’re bound to find the right material to suit your style, whether you are looking to create a modern or a traditional garden style. If you have a large area of turf and you don’t want to ruin its clean look with uneven or weed-ridden edges, then now is the time to invest in some lawn edging stones; they’re perfect for any perfectionist or budding landscaping enthusiast’s garden!

Here at CED Wirral Depot, we can offer you a wide range of edging stone and walling solutions, to add the perfect finishing touch to your paving and outdoor space. We have a wide selection for you to choose from, including both concrete and natural walling and edging stone. Why not take a look at our range below.