CEDEC® Footpath Gravels

Shop our incredible range of premium quality footpath gravels today at CED Stone Wirral Depot.

Here, you’ll be able to browse through our extensive range of CEDEC® footpath gravels, perfect for creating a visually appealing and practical footpath area. 

Our CEDEC® footpath gravels will do a superb job of filling an outdoor space with a surface that won’t be displaced easily, providing you with an ultra-durable display that can withstand frequent use without compromising the integrity and quality of the footpath. 

Our CEDEC® footpath gravel aggregates are a great option for those who are looking to achieve a natural-looking finish in a high-traffic area, as it benefits from having a firm yet porous structure that retains moisture exceptionally well. 

Unlike other footpath gravels that are readily available, our CEDEC® footpath gravels will not harm surrounding plants, thanks to being a chemically inert substance which will not affect the pH level of surrounding soils. 

Our range of stylish footpath gravels are available in a variety of beautiful colour finishes. These include Grey, Red, Silver and Gold

If you’re looking for a different type of aggregates, you’ll be able to browse our wider selection by clicking here. 

Shop premium quality CEDEC® footpath gravels at CED Stone Wirral Depot today.