Granite Paving Setts - Silver Grey

  • Imperial Silver Grey Granite Setts
£0.70 + Vat


Split sided silver grey granite imperial setts are a modern interpretation of the cropped sett. Their split sides will provide a cobbled effect and with a sawn and flame textured top makes them easy to walk on and wheelchair friendly.Silver grey granite is speckled in appearance and consistent in colour with little variation. Granite is hard wearing and can be used internally and externally.


Imperial setts are designed to provide a neat solution when used with paving; by taking the 92mm dimension and working with a 8mm joint gives a 100mm module which can then be fitted into paving elements of 300‚ 400‚ 500 and 600mm dimensions without having to make any cuts.The other benefit of this dimension is that it can be laid into tight grid patterns‚ with a 8mm joint‚ this gives 100 number setts to the m2. These attractive silver grey setts are suitable for use in gardens‚ paths‚ driveways‚ streetscapes and market places.


Technical info


Length Height Depth Per m2
92mm 92mm  60mm 100
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