FUGA-PAVE Part B - Slurry Primer

  • FUGA-PAVE Part B - Slurry Primer
£27.00 + Vat


FUGA-PAVE primer is a superior cement-based primer formulated to work with PART A.

It contains fibre reinforcement and specially designed polymer additives to promote bond strength and enable fixing of porcelain and other low absorption types of paving to both hardcore and solid bases.


Product Information

• Suitable for internal and external domestic areas and heavily trafficked installations.

• Creates a very strong monolithic bond between the flags and the mortar base.

• Suitable for use in temperatures between 3°C and 25°C.

• Easy to use - simply mix with water.

• Easy to apply - brush, pour or trowel on, applying wet on wet.

• Covers a large area - a 20kg bag can cover up to 28m2.

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