Here at CED Wirral Depot, we understand that our customers have unique requirements when it comes to garden projects. 

That’s why we offer a wide range of aggregate options to choose from that are specifically tailored to a wide range of garden and landscape projects. 

To help you select the right type of aggregate, we have divided our selection into three areas; decorative aggregates, landscaping aggregates, and footpath aggregates.

Our decorative aggregate selection is perfect for enhancing the appearance of any outdoor space, bursting with many traditional and modern options to choose from. Some examples of our beautiful decorative aggregate range include Golden Flint Gravel, Scottish Cobbles and many more. 

Or, if you require practical landscaping aggregates to act as a stabiliser for a patio or driveway project, we also offer a reliable and durable selection of Crusher Run, Sands, Top Soils and many more.

If you’re looking for footpath aggregates that are visually appealing whilst also allowing for a firm structure that can both retain moisture and allow any excess to flow through, then our incredible range of CEDEC® aggregates make the perfect choice.

Are you ready to discover the best selection of aggregates on the market? Shop our unbeatable range at CED Wirral Depot today.

Decorative aggregates 

If you’re looking for cost-effective decorative aggregates to create an outdoor space that you can be proud of, look no further. 

Decorative aggregate is growing increasingly popular for enhancing all types of landscaping projects, including driveways, garden focal points, pathway enhancements and so on. 

For example, those who are working on creating an ultra-modern outdoor finish may benefit from browsing our wide range of crushed slate options in a variety of different colours.

Alternatively, we also offer many timeless options that are made to suit those who are wanting to achieve an elegant outdoor landscape that’ll never go out of style. If this sounds similar to your vision, our beautiful Polar White Marble Chippings would be a perfect example of what to look for. 

If you’re looking to finish your landscaping project with more of a unique touch, we also offer an abundance of options that boast beautiful eye-catching colours, such as our Flamingo Chippings, Staffordshire Pink Gravel,Red Felsite and many more. 

Here at CED Wirral Depot, our beautiful aggregate options are perfect for adding an elegant touch to an outdoor space. So, if this type of aggregate is what you’re looking for - direct your search to our dedicated decorative aggregate page by clicking here.

Footpath aggregates 

If you want to fill an area of outdoor space, but don’t want to use a material such as tarmac, then take a look at our variety of footpath aggregates. 

Our CEDEC® footpath gravels are made using a combination of granite and quartzite, which are guaranteed to be highly durable and chemically inert. 

What’s more, if you are planning on adding any plants and/or tree features to the outdoor area where our footpath aggregates are present, you won’t have to worry about it affecting the pH level of the surrounding soil, which is sometimes known to be a problem with footpath aggregates. 

It’s worth mentioning that our footpath aggregates are available in different colour options, adding a sense of natural beauty to any footpath area - which is why they can also be used for decorative purposes. 

Our footpath aggregates selection includes: 

Landscaping aggregates

If you’re looking for landscaping aggregates to enhance your outdoor space, we would recommend browsing our landscaping aggregates page.

Our range of landscaping aggregates includes a variety of premium quality materials, with every option delivering a highly reliable, durable and practical solution to any landscaping project.

For example, if you’re looking for a landscape aggregate that’ll create an exceptionally solid and level base, our Crusher Run option would make for the perfect choice.

Or, if you live in an area where heavy rain (or even flooding) is common, you may benefit from our premium Hessian Sand Bags. These will act as the first line of defence.  

To browse our entire selection of high-quality landscape aggregate, click here.